Rocky MountainDance Project

RMDP is back in 2022!



July 31 - August 6, 2022


Jasper Activity Centre

303 Bonhomme Street, Jasper AB, T0E 1E0

Registration Deadline

July 6, 2022

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Rocky Mountain Dance Project is a week long summer dance camp held in beautiful Jasper, Alberta. This will be our 19th year returning to Jasper for the camp yet we are always excited to meet new people and try out new activities and classes. 

RMDP includes 5 days of dancing, meals and accommodation. Dancers arrive on the Sunday for registration and camp orientation with dinner provided and fun evening activities to break the ice and get campers settled into their dorm rooms. Dance classes start Monday morning with some of the industries leading professionals. The week also includes some nice breaks from dancing with activities such as white water rafting with Jasper Rafting Tours, hiking, swimming and more. After a week of learning, the dancers will perform some of their combinations and skills on Friday for parents and family before heading home!

Check out the tabs above to learn more about our summer camp including faculty information, pricing, payment options and more!

Email us: [email protected] or call us at (250) 769-9014 for information or questions.




Jasper Activity Centre

305 Bonhomme Street
Jasper AB, T0E 1E0



RMDP Uses 3 Buildings for the camp. The Jasper Activity Centre (JAC), the Jasper High School and the Jasper Elementary School.  All three buildings are on the same block and do not require the dancers to cross any roads to access them.



Jasper Activity Centre

This is the main building and where dancer registration and pick up occurs at the start and end of the camp. The main hall is used as one of the dance studios for classes, as well as where most evening activities occur and all meals are eaten here. This building also houses the gymnastics center where the acro classes are held and some of the dorm rooms which are in a private basement area, some of these rooms have bunk beds. There are also dorm rooms upstairs in this building.


Jasper High School

This is a brand-new building approx. 200m from the JAC. There is a very large gymnasium used for dance classes as well as some dorm rooms in this building. These dorm rooms are in emptied out classrooms with the foam mats provided to dancers if they wish to use them.


Elementary School

This building is used for dance classes only and is approx. 200m walking distance from the JAC across the main field.



Junior Recommended for dancers with 1 - 3 years of overall dance experience starting at the age of 6. 
Intermediate 1 Recommended for dancers with 3 - 6 years of overall dance experience starting at the age of 6. 
Intermediate 2 Recommended for dancers with 6 - 9 years of overall dance experience starting at the age of 6. 
Advanced Recommended for dancers with 9 years or more dance experience starting at the age of 6. 


Which Camp Experience Do You Want?

You can choose what kind of experience you want from camp. Here is a brief description of the two options below - choose which ever style better suits your personality! 

The Camp Experience

This is classic RMDP, you have dance classes during the day but the focus is on having fun and making new friends as well as learning new skills outside of dance with fun activities and exploring the great outdoors that Jasper has to offer!

This experience will have 3 - 5 dance classes per day depending on the activity schedule with extra fun activities added to your evenings and days so you can really bond with all the new friends you make here. 

The Intensive Experience

Still the same amazing fun that you always find at RMDP but with this experience we will include more technique and dance classes packed into your daily schedule with a focus on learning as much as you possibly can from the great faculty we bring to you.

This experience will have 4-7 dance classes per day depending on the daily schedule with a focus on improving your technique and abilities. 


If you have any questions about which level or experience would be best for you, please send us an email: [email protected] and we can help you find the right choice. 



Dorm Rooms

Each dorm room holds approx. 10-25 kids with volunteer dorm parents assigned each room. If a room is larger there will be multiple dorm parents assigned to one dorm room.

Dorm parents must complete a criminal record check and submit prior to camp to ensure your child’s safety and we hire a night shift security guard every single night.

The JAC and High School provide thick 4” foam mats for the dorm rooms. Some rooms have bunks; others will make their beds on the floor. Dancers need to bring their own bedding with them (sleeping bag and pillow) and if they would rather a small air mattress or their own camping gear such as padding etc they can bring whatever will make them feel comfortable. 


The JAC provides catering campers with three well rounded, healthy meals daily. The meals are buffet style for breakfast, lunch and dinner with usually include vegetarian options. The catering staff can accommodate any meal preferences or allergies including special diets set aside if needed. Please inform us of any preferences or allergies on  your registration so that we can pass the information to the catering staff for you. 

Not staying in the dorm rooms? No problem - you can still pay separately to add meals to your camp experience, just email us with your request: [email protected]





As a dorm parent, your job is to make sure the dancers are safe and sound. Your main job is to be in the dorm room the evening and at bedtime with the dancers. But you also become their honorary mom/dad for the week and are responsible for their well-being throughout the week. You are responsible for their attendance and knowing where they are at all times.


  • Must be 18 years of age minimum
  • Must complete a criminal record check and submit prior to camp
  • Must be able to handle children from ages 6-18 confidently

Perks of being a dorm parent

  • Accommodations and meals fully paid for
  • You can take any of the classes at the camp for free
  • Dorm parent’s get an evening off during the group movie night
  • White water rafting for free with the dancers

If you are interested in being a Dorm Mom or Dad for 2019 please contact us at [email protected] or by phone 1 (250) 768-7202 for more info.




Basic Pricing Information

Camp Registration $725/person
Includes All classes, activities, white water rafting fee, welcome package (includes a t-shirt, swag bags and goodies).
Meals and Accommodation $250/person
  • Welcome dinner on Friday, 3 meals daily and snacks
  • Meals are prepared by fantastic catering staff with healthy, well rounded meals
  • 5 nights’ dorm room accommodation
Payment Plans and Customization

We offer customized payment plans.

You can also customize your experience including Day Camper options (no meals or accommodations), or just meals, drop in class rates and day rates. 

Please contact us for more information: [email protected] or call: (250) 768-7202



Early Bird Discounts

Tier 1

15% Discount

Register by December 25, 2021

15% Discount is applied to Tuition only 

Total amount after discount: $616.25

Tier 2

10% Discount

Register between: December 26, 2021 and February 15, 2022

Discount applies to Tuition only

Total amount after discount: $652.50

Regular Pricing  Regular Tuition Pricing Begins on all registrations and payments received on February 16, 2022 and later.

*Please Note: In order to qualify for discounts, full payment must be completed within the dates for each Tier. You may still receive discounts on payment plans as long as the last payment of the payment plan is done prior to the deadline.*