Rocky MountainDance Project

Rocky Mountain Dance Project is a week long summer dance camp held in beautiful Jasper, Alberta. This will be our 17th year returning to Jasper for the camp yet we are always excited to meet new people and try out new activities and classes. 

RMDP includes 5 days of dancing, meals and accommodation. Dancers arrive on the Sunday for registration and camp orientation with dinner provided and fun evening activities to break the ice and get campers settled into their dorm rooms. Dance classes start Monday morning with some of the industries leading professionals. The week also includes some nice breaks from dancing with activities such as white water rafting with Jasper Rafting Tours, hiking, swimming and more. After a week of learning, the dancers will perform some of their combinations and skills on Friday for parents and family before heading home!


Dates: Sunday July 29, 2018 to Friday August 3, 2018
Location: Jasper Activity Centre, 303 Bonhomme St., Jasper AB, T0E
Registration Deadline: July 15, 2018


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Email us: [email protected] or call us at (250) 768-7202 for information or questions.




Christie-Lee Manning

A Canadian born artist, Christie Lee Manning is one of London’s most powerful performers. As a storyteller and jazz artist, Christie is a rare find. Her dedication to perfecting the art of vulnerability makes her one of the most captivating actresses in any room. As a dancer, Christie has worked with fellow Canadian artists Lenny Kravitz,Michael Buble, Nelly Furtado, and Suzie McNeil. She toured Brazil twice with Vancouver based company Lamondance, and is now a member Lukas McFarlane’s contemporary company ‘UnTitled’.

Christie’s other credits include New Balance, Telus, Nickelodeon, Times Of India Awards, ‘Package Deal’ (TV), ‘Warehouse 13’ (TV), and Sky 1's 'Got To Dance' Season 5, mentored by celebrity judge Adam Garcia. As an actress, Christie is under the direction of her American mentor and acting coach, Michael Duvall. Credits include various roles in both television and short film, a feature at the Toronto Short Film Festival (2014), and a lead role in London’s newest immersive theatre production, ‘How To Solve A Problem Like Murder’.

Christie’s entrepreneurism has led her to become the Creative Director of two UK based companies, ’UnCorked Theatre’ and ‘House Of Jazz’. The former is a compelling immersive theatre company presently known as London’s best kept secret, and the later is a collection of dominating jazz artists keeping alive the roots of this historical style. Christie is also the winner of Dance London’s ‘Inspirational Teacher Award’ 2015.


Teya Wild

Teya Wild, from Vancouver, Canada, is no stranger to the limelight. As a child, Teya discovered a love for acting. She has worked on projects such as, Head Over Heels, A Storm In Summer, The Outer Limits, Radio Disney, Kohl’s Clothing, AmSouth, Kodak, and Crystal Light, to name a few. Following her acting career, dance quickly became a passion of Teya’s. She began a professional dance career at a young age and as a passionate learner, she used every opportunity as a means to better herself and her craft.

Training and competing professionally her whole life, Teya’s expertise include a wide variety of styles such as, Hip hop, foundations (popping, locking, house, breaking), jazz, lyrical, theatre, contemporary, tap, and pointe to name a few. Teya is also a R.A.D. ballet honours graduate. Teya’s hard work and drive has led her to opportunities throughout Canada. Some of Teya’s credits include: Step Up 5: All in, Make Your Move, So You Think You Can Dance Canada: Season 4, Zapped (Disney film), Much Music Video Awards (PSY performance), Over the Rainbow, Russell Peter’s Christmas Special, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief, Victoria Duffield’s Western Canada Tour, Spectacular (Nickelodeon film), Another Cinderella Story, Centre Stage 2: Turn it Up.

Teya currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she is continuing her professional dance career. Since moving to LA, she has been fortunate enough to work closely with leading industry choreographers such as, Luther Brown, Aakomon Jones, Draico Johnson, Nappytabs, Rosero McCoy, Teresa Espinosa, Tony Testa, Kenny Ortega, and Keone & Mari, to name a few.

Check out some of her videos on youtube here: teyawild


Kelsey McCowan & Caley Carr


Caley Carr and Kelsey McCowan first met in 2012 and within months of their "love at first dance", their unique partnership was formed. They first began performing together at the one-of-a-kind Edison, in downtown Los Angeles. Although they specialize in tap dancing, the two are trained in all avenues and styles of dance.

Since Caley & Kelsey have become partners, they have taught master classes both nationally and internationally, choreographed award winning competitive routines, and can currently be seen performing together at Universal Studios.

Credits Include: So You Think You Can Dance, Disney Channel, Fergie, Azealia Banks, Jeremy Piven, The Muppets Movie, Jazz Tap Ensemble, Rhapsody in Taps, and more.
Check out their Instagram account:

Rae Schinbein

Rae Schinbein has been a working instructor and and award-winning choreographer for the past 14 years. Trained and experienced in multiple styles of dance, she has worked with many dance companies and groups. Rae has choreographed and been a featured performer in music videos and commercials for The Projectionist and Untitled Productions. She has also been a guest instructor for many studios and companies through out Alberta. She loves to share her knowledge and passion for dance with her students and works to bring a supportive, positive atmosphere to everyone of her classes.



RMDP Uses 3 Buildings for the camp. The Jasper Activity Centre (JAC), the Jasper High School and the Jasper Elementary School.  All three buildings are on the same block and do not require the dancers to cross any roads to access them.


This is the main building and where dancer registration and pick up occurs at the start and end of the camp. The main hall is used as one of the dance studios for classes, as well as where most evening activities occur and all meals are eaten here. This building also houses the gymnastics center where the acro classes are held and some of the dorm rooms which are in a private basement area, some of these rooms have bunk beds. There are also dorm rooms upstairs in this building.


Jasper High School

This is a brand-new building approx. 200m from the JAC. There is a very large gymnasium used for dance classes as well as some dorm rooms in this building. These dorm rooms are in emptied out classrooms with the foam mats provided to dancers if they wish to use them.


Elementary School

This building is used for dance classes only and is approx. 200m walking distance from the JAC across the main field.

Each dorm room holds approx. 10-25 kids with volunteer dorm parents assigned each room. If a room is larger there will be multiple dorm parents assigned to one dorm room.

Dorm parents must complete a background check and submit prior to camp to ensure your child’s safety and we hire a night shift security guard every single night.

The JAC and High School provide thick 4” foam mats for the dorm rooms. Some rooms have bunks; others will make their beds on the floor. Dancers may bring their own air mattresses, pads etc. as well as their own bedding.



As a dorm parent, your job is to make sure the dancers are safe and sound. Your main job is to be in the dorm room the evening and at bedtime with the dancers. But you also become their honorary mom/dad for the week and are responsible for their well-being throughout the week. You are responsible for their attendance and knowing where they are at all times.


  • Must be 18 years of age minimum
  • Must complete a criminal record check and submit prior to camp
  • Must be able to handle children from ages 6-18 confidently

Perks of being a dorm parent

  • Accommodations and meals fully paid for
  • You can take any of the classes at the camp for free
  • Dorm parent’s get an evening off during the group movie night
  • White water rafting for free with the dancers

If you are interested in being a Dorm Mom or Dad for 2017 please contact us at [email protected] or by phone 1 (250) 768-7202 for more info.

Basic Pricing Information

Camp Registration $850/person 
Includes All classes, activities, white water rafting fee, welcome package (includes a t-shirt, swag bags and goodies).
Meals and Accommodation $250/person
  • Welcome dinner on Friday, 3 meals daily and snacks
  • Meals are prepared by fantastic catering staff with healthy, well rounded meals
  • 5 nights’ dorm room accommodation
Payment Plans and Customization

We offer customized payment plans.

You can also customize your experience including Day Camper options (no meals or accommodations), or just meals, drop in class rates and day rates. 

Please contact us for more information: [email protected] or call: (250) 768-7202


Early Bird Discounts

Tier 1

15% Discount

Register by December 25, 2017

15% Discount is applied to Tuition only ($850) 

Total amount after discount: $722.50 

Tier 2

10% Discount

Register between: December 26, 2017 and February 15, 2018

Discount applies to Tuition only ($850)

Total amount after discount: $765.00

Regular Pricing  Regular Tuition Pricing ($850) Begins on all registrations and payments received on February 16, 2018 and later.

*Please Note: In order to qualify for discounts, full payment must be completed within the dates for each Tier. You may still receive discounts on payment plans as long as the last payment of the payment plan is done prior to the deadline.*