Work with us

Would you like to work with us this season? 

Showtime is looking for energetic individuals with great communication skills and a passion for dance to join our 2023 seasonal staff. We have several roles available! If you think you have what it takes to be a festival and competition "rockstar", send an email to [email protected] with your resume and a few lines explaining why you would like to work with us! All positions are paid. 

Available roles:


Front of House - FOH

Location: Various locations in Alberta and British Columbia

Duties: FOH is responsible for the FOH booth set up, ticket sales, and meet and greet attendees in the event. They are the first point of contact with the guests. Their duties include handling cash, operating the Square point of sale machine, giving attendees wristbands, controlling studios attendance sheet, and handing welcome packages to the teachers. This position includes loading in and out of boxes, pulling a cart/dolly, and occasionally overseeing the merch sales. 

Supervision received: On site manager


Back of House - BOH

Location: Various locations in Alberta and British Columbia

Duties: The main duty of the BOH staff is to give medals, trophies, and awards to the dancers on stage. BOH duties also include setting up the BOH tables with trophies, medals, and awards, line up dancers and groups in order according to the program for each adjudication, make sure backstage is quiet and the emergency exits are clear at all times, help with props storage, and answer teachers questions as needed. The BOH staff is the MC's right hand and should be able to help them coordinate the backstage area. BOH should maintain communication with the clerk at all times, and inform them of any changes that are made on the backstage and may affect the run of the show. BOH staff is also responsible for keeping the leaderboards up-to-date with the groups that are qualifying for the Dance OFF. The BOH employee may be required to occasionally step on the stage and make announcements, if requested by the MC. If you think you can perform all BOH duties except covering the MC duties if necessary, let us know in your application.

Supervision received: On site manager and the MC



Location: Various locations in Alberta and British Columbia

Duties: The clerk is the employee that sits with the adjudicators and oversees the operations of the adjudicators' table. The clerk should be a person with great attention to detail and organizational skills. They are the first point of contact with the adjudicators and act as liaison between adjudicators and on-site managers. The clerk operates the tabulation computer, and prints scores for each category, occasionally calculating and averaging marks manually as needed. They are responsible for giving the adjudicators the score sheets with accurate marks and placements for each and every category in the festival/competition. The clerk should maintain communication with BOH staff at all times, ensuring they are aware of any relevant information related to the scoring system. Clerks should communicate to the BOH the placements and awards for every category. Clerks should maintain regular communication with the MC and check for any changes or pauses in the program due to backstage request. 

Supervision received: On site manager


Emcee - MC

Location: Various locations in Alberta and British Columbia

Duties: The MC is the Master of Ceremonies (show-person) who will announce the festival / competition from beginning to end. The MC's duties include announcing the dancers and routines, calling the adjudicators for on-stage adjudication, announcing the winners, awards, and scholarships. The MC should be a lively and energetic person, that will always keep the show fun and entertaining. The MC must handle well any occurrence that may happen on the stage and backstage areas, improvise and entertain the audience as needed to fill "gaps" between performances. The MC is responsible for announcing sponsors, charities, photo and video services, and other important information. The MC should keep good communication with BOH staff and clerks and ensure the information exchanged between all areas is accurate and clear. 

Supervision received: On site manager