Sponsorship & Advertising 2021/2022 Sponsorship & Advertising Package

Who is Showtime Dance Promotions

Showtime Dance Promotions dedicates itself to the Canadian dance community. Our pledge is to provide a positive, educational, and inspiring experience for everyone, and to promote talented young dancers from across Canada. This creates an atmosphere in which dancers can thrive and progress from beginner right through to professional.

One hundred percent of all sponsorship funds received go straight to the dancers through scholarships, awards, and financial assistance.

Our programs are professionally designed and distributed to our loyal following of studios, instructors, dancers, parents, and spectators. The scope of people attending Showtime events is vast, with over 2000 dancers at each one of our events, and a great deal of spectators!


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Wide distribution for maximum exposure!

  • Approximately 1,000 programs distributed per event (we host 16 large scale dance productions)
  • More than 2,000 dancers and their families in attendance for each event,
    as well as hundreds of studio owners and dance instructors each year.
  • Promotion of your business on all of our social media channels
  • Promotion of your business through MC announcements throughout our events to educate everyone about your brand.

We value your commitment to giving back to the community, and are always ready to hear any unique ideas on how you would like to advertise or sponsor! Below you will find a detailed list on all of the sponsorship channels we provide.


Our Viewers

  • Parents and Guardians with school aged children
  • Dancers of all ages
  • Households with children enrolled in dance or other performing arts classes
  • Family members of dancers
  • Dance instructors
  • Dance and performing arts studio owners
  • Choreographers
  • The general public



Southern Alberta Program Advertisement:


  • Great Canadian Dance Challenge — Calgary March 24 ~ 26, 2023
  • Great Canadian Dance Challenge — Medicine Hat April 19 ~ 23, 2023


  • Quarter Page Ad - $400
  • Half Page Ad - $750
  • Full Page Ad $1400

Northern Alberta Program Advertisement:


  • Gravity Dance Challenge — Sherwood Park April 12 ~ 16, 2023
  • Dance Extreme Festival — Sherwood Park April 26 ~ 30, 2023
  • Evergreen Dance Festival — Sherwood Park May 3 ~ 7, 2023
  • Dream Team Dance Festival — Sherwood Park May 10 ~ 14, 2023
  • Great Canadian Dance Challenge — Fort Saskatchewan March 16 ~ 29, 2023
  • Gravity Dance Challenge - Grande Prairie March 30 ~ April 1, 2023


  • Quarter Page Ad - $400
  • Half Page Ad - $750
  • Full Page Ad $1400

British Columbia Program Advertisement:


  • Dream Team Dance Festival — Surrey May 3 ~ 7, 2023
  • Great Canadian Dance Challenge — Kelowna May 17 ~ 21, 2023
  • Crystal Classic Grand Championships — Kelowna July 6 ~ 9, 2023


  • Quarter Page Ad - $300
  • Half Page Ad - $550
  • Full Page Ad $1000

Single Event Program Advertisement:


A full colour quarter, half, or full page AD for one single event of your choice!


  • Quarter Page Ad $150
  • Half Page Ad $250
  • Full Page Ad $400

Promotional Items

If you would prefer to supply us with coupons, samples, giveaways or other promotional goods/services, we would be more than happy to distribute them at no cost, through the following channels:

  1. Instructor packages given out to all studios attending our events.
  2. Goodies for the Green Rooms during our events.
  3. Prizes for instructors, dancers, and audience members when participating in event activities.
  4. Welcome packages given to all dancers and dorm parents attending the Rocky Mountain Dance Project 2022.




We are always on the lookout for individuals and businesses who would like to sponsor the dancers in some way; whether through scholarships, sponsoring medals or trophies, or providing other items especially for the dancers. We have lots to offer in exchange in the way of complimentary advertising in our programs; through social media, website, and newsletter; on-site promotion; and more!


Sponsorship Levels:


$100 scholarship, gift, or sponsorship
1/8 page AD in program of same event(s)

High Silver:
$500 scholarship, gift, or sponsorship
Quarter page AD in program of same event(s)

$1000 scholarship, gift, or sponsorship
Half page AD in program of same event(s)

High Gold:
$5000+ sponsorship
Full page AD in program of same event(s),
plus promotion on all of our social media channels, website, and newsletter!

$20,000+ sponsorship
We put your name on the event!

Customize Your Promotion Package:

Got something else in mind? Have a unique idea? Customize a
package that’s within your budget and let us know at:
[email protected]


Please email or call us to confirm your 2023
partnership with Showtime Dance Promotions!

Office Phone: 250-769-9014  - Email: [email protected]


Thank you for your Support!