Info & Rules

Dates & Locations ~

Venues and schedules are tentative and subject to change, dependent upon the number of entries received for each event. Events are subject to date changes and/or cancellation, if necessary, with as much notice as possible given to dance studios.


Theatre Rules ~

  1.  Please remain seated during each routine to be respectful to performers and adjudicators. Enter and exit the theatre between performances only.

  2. Please refrain from approaching the adjudicators, they are working hard to give all dancers a fair evaluation and may not have time to chat or sign autographs while in the theatre. 

  3. Photography, cameras, phones and any other record devices are strictly prohibited in the theatre at all times. Routines may be disqualified if they are being recorded without the consent of the event organizers.

  4. Please avoid use of your cell phone or other devices in the theatre, the lights from the screens are a distraction to both the performers on stage and the adjudicators.

  5. If the theatre is too full, dancers may be asked to leave the audience to make room for ticket holders.

  6. Please note that the event may run up to 15 minutes ahead of schedule, please allow yourself plenty of time prior to the start of the category to ensure that you do not miss a routine.


Medal Scores ~

95.0 & Higher Showtime Diamond Award of Excellence
90.0 - 94.9 High Gold
85.0 - 89.9 Gold
83.0 - 84.9 High Silver
80.0 - 82.9 Silver

Each adjudicator provides a score for the routine based on factors including: appropriate difficulty level for age and skill level, technique and ability, cleanliness of the routine, spacing and staging and performance quality. 

Please note that in mixed level categories the adjudicators still mark to the appropriate age and skill level, not compared to other routines in the category.


Dance Levels ~

Beginner This is for a dancer's first solo ever. Solo categories only
Novice 1st year of training
Junior 2nd to 3rd year of training
Intermediate 1 4th to 6th year of training
Intermediate 2 7th to 9th year of training
Advanced 10 years or more of training

Dancers who are training 6.0 - 9.9hrs per week in all combined disciplines and classes

Accel. Elite

Dancers who are training 10.0hrs per week or more in all combined disciplines and classes


Routines that have a participating teacher or professional 19 years or older. Not eligible for extra awards or category placements unless there are more than 3 open routines in the category. Not eligible for the dance-off.















Questions, Comments or Feedback ~

We are always happy to hear your questions, comments, and feedback! The best way to get this information to Showtime is through your dance studio owner. They can then get in touch with us and share information accordingly.
Any formal complaints at events should be brought to the attention of the Production Manager, by a studio owner or instructor only, or submitted in writing via email. We appreciate your understanding!


Information & Rules ~

In this section, you will find all of our rules and regulations, registration information and registration forms. Click on any of the links below to open the PDF. 

2023 Registration Information

This document contains information on: Creating an Account, how to register, studio contact email info, deadlines, and important dates.

2024 Rules & Regulations

Please ensure that you read all rules & regulations prior to completing registration. Here you will find information on anything to do with our rules for entries, levels, categories, time limits and much more. 


Registration Fees ~

For details on our registration fees, please contact your dance studio to discuss, or email us at [email protected]!


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